open your eyes, recognize.

As discussed in our text and in class, we need to be aware of our biases and challenge the hidden curriculum that is constantly circulating in our lives and schools. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time really thinking about the biases I hold and the things I might find uncomfortable teaching. This weeks blog post has really given me the opportunity to reflect on my journey so far in this program and how much I have come to realize my biases and the many things I am so far from accomplishing as a future educator. Last year in my ECS 110 class was the first time my eyes were really opened to oppression. I remember sitting in class hearing words like “white privilege”, ” colour blind”, ” oppression”, and “anti-oppressive education” and being so nervous. Up until I took this class, I thought I was going to be the best teacher ever. I remember feeling like this was not true when I sat through my first few ECS 110 classes. I felt like there was so much I didn’t know about social justice issues, schools and myself. I was so overwhelmed. I’ve spent that last year unpacking my biases and working to chip away at anti-oppressive barriers the best that I can. With constantly learning about hidden curriculum and how we need to challenge it, I am still overwhelmed but in a different ( and better) sense than I was while sitting in my ECS class one short year ago.

As I start interacting more and more with the curriculum,hidden elements are going to be everywhere. It is my job as an educator to bring these hidden elements of the curriculum to the surface so a step towards a positive change can possibly happen one day. As I interact with the curriculum, I could definitely see the outcomes/indicators that receive the less recognition in the curriculum being forgotten or overlooked in my teaching .I do not want this to be the case. I aim to make everything important in my teaching. I think the things that will remain in the hidden curriculum will mainly be the things I don’t feel comfortable teaching. I may not feel comfortable with these subjects because I might not be educated enough. As a future teacher, I do not want to walk away or avoid things that I do not know or feel comfortable with.

Therefore, When I think of what I need to put “front and centre” in my own teaching, I can’t really think of just one thing. I think there are many things I need to put front and centre in my own teaching, the biggest thing I need to do is recognize my own biases and unpack my “hidden backpack” (peggy Macintosh). I think it’s crucial for myself and all educators for that matter to chip away and recognize their OWN oppressive tendencies before they’re stepping into schools and touching the lives of so many individuals. If i do not recognize these barriers in myself, I will never recognize them in my classroom and the cycle of oppression will just be perpetuated.


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